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Interchangeable Steel Type Die Punch Set

We are engaged in making available dimensionally accurate Interchangeable Steel Type Die Punch Set. Interchangeable Steel Type Die Punch Set, offered by us, is highly durable and rust resistant. The Interchangeable Steel Type Die Punch Set is in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Brand Name : Bradma


Brad­ma Typec Ode No. Charac­ter Size D mm Type Size Bradma Fount Set Code No. Number of Types in Set Number of Spacers S Set Bradma Hand Holder Code Bradma Hand Holder Capacity
A mm B mm C mm With Hand Holder With­out Hand Holder
T 01011825112BH010112B010100128 H 20 20
T 0621.59 (1/16â)1.593.1815.88112BH062112B06210012125H75012
T 020 22825112BH020112B020100128 H 2512
T 0932.40 (3/32â) 2.46.3519.05112BH093112B09310012250H100010
T 030 33825112BH030112B030100128H258
T 1253.18 (1/8â)3.186.3519.05112BH125112B12510012250H125010
T 040 44825112BH040112B040100128H4010
T 1874.76 (3/16â)4.767.9419.05112BH187112B18710012312H12506
T 050 55825112BH050112B050100128H408
T 06066825112BH060112B060100128H406
T 250*6.35 (1/4â)6.359.5319.05112BH250112B25010012375H15006
T 080*88142566BH08066B08060614H607
T 375*9.53(3/8â)9.5315.8825.466BH37566B375606625H22506
T 100*1010142566BH10066B10060614H606