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Special Interchangeable Type Die Punch Set

We are the one stop shop in market for availing Special Interchangeable Type Die Punch Set. Special Interchangeable Type Die Punch Set, which we offer, is known for its accurate dimensions, rust resistance and durability. We are engaged in making available premium range of Special Interchangeable Type Die Punch Set.

Brand Name : Bradma

  • Suitable for part numbering, batch & date Coding, etc. on Steels, Castings, Forgings, Aluminum, Brass, Plastics, Paper.
  • Types made from High Quality Tool Steel
  • Letters and Numbers formed by unique Cold forming process for longer tool life
  • Dull Nickel plated for rust free longer shelf life.
  • Bevel Angles, Character Depth & âBradmaâ Calligraphy to maximize type life
  • Sets are available with or without Holder.
  • All dimensions are to very close tolerances, for the clearest uniform impression in perfect alignment when Types are assembled in Holder

Bradma Special Interchangeable Type
  • Segmental, Radial, Groved and Stepped types for sepeial application
  • Low Stress Types
  • Concave or Convex Types
  • Types with Special Calligraphy Design
  • Types for Hot Stamping application
  • Special Types for Blister Packing, Cortonators, Collapsible Tubes, Crimping, Sachets, Tetra packs etc.